One of my careers was as a Wardrober to busy working women and even a few celebrities. What is a Wardrober or wardrobing? It is putting together an entire season’s clothing wardrobe. It is coordinating the entire wardrobe to be interchangeable, cohesive, stylish, and to get the maximum use by purchasing quality pieces that will become staples in the closet for years to come.

Most of my clients had to be ready to travel at a moments notice and not have to worry about what to pack. If done correctly, the client could chose pieces relevant to the trip (leisure or business) and know that what was chosen would all coordinate, thus taking all the fuss out of the packing process.

Wardrobing is great for any budget, but it is actually the most useful to the woman with a lower budget. By carefully choosing a wardrobe, she is able to avoid buying pieces that end up hardly being worn and thereby taking up money that could have been spent on something else. It is cost efficient. It can even allow her to splurge on a few very desired items, like a designer accessory.

How do you do all this and still end up with a beautiful, stylish, and yes, even fun wardrobe? Come back tomorrow for all the details, tips and tricks!



This Burberry Color Block high waisted dress is of compact crepe and stretch knit. The high neck is perfect to pair with a bold statement necklace. The black and brown two tone is fab for a fall through winter wardrobe. The accessories possibilities are endless! This is going into my wardrobe.

Join me for tomorrow’s feature: wardrobing! Want to know what that is? Then come back and see!


As I promised yesterday, here are just a few women’s baroque accessories that are readily available online. I am sure you will find much more on your own shopping excursions. I’d love to know what you find!


The past few seasons we have seen a return of baroque in the feel and elements of fashion. Many couture designers inspired by the historical period have re-interpreted the period and its rich gold with deep jewel tones, brocades and floral motifs in their lines. Darker and heavier than the light, airy Rococo which followed it, Baroque is perfect for fall.

Here are a few of my favorite women’s designer baroque accessories. Added to any outfit they would give you instant on trend designer look. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some versions under $250.

Growing up in my house as a kid, Sunday afternoons were all about rest and relaxation…for my mom. She had a highly stressful job in addition to being the mother of four children. So come Sunday, that also meant rest and relaxation for us kiddos. We had to either go outside and play, or find quiet activities indoors, ones that would promote peace amongst each other so there would be no outbreaks of sibling fighting i.e. no noise. That pretty much left two activities: putting puzzles together and watching old movies. Why old movies? Because we would fight over what to watch, so my mother came up with the rule that any tv on Sunday had to be old movies. That rule also ensured that the movie would be to her liking thereby creating an activity for the whole family. So here’s what it looked like in my house on Sundays. Homemade popcorn on the stove or a jumbo bag of sunflower seeds in their shells, puzzles (500-1000 pieces), and old movies. The thing is, not one of us kids complained, not a one; we loved it. So much so that we preferred to stay indoors on Sundays. So is it any wonder that my idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon is old movies and popcorn? In a world always on the go and that encourages us to always do more, to be able to spend my Sunday that way is pure luxury. What is your favorite way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon?

I love round dining tables. I love upholstered dining seats. And I love rich brown leathers. So when I saw this “Hudson” banquette from Massoud, I kinda gasped. Well, not kinda, I did. Oh the decor possibilities! And so unique.

In the picture they have it shown in a beautiful neutral (both in color and style) setting. But I can see this in a library room with rich dark woods and colors. I also see it with old world Mediterranean decor as well. It is luxurious and cozy at the same time. The table is sold separately. Love this luxe!



A peacock and it’s feathers, such a show off! This colorful chair caught my eye and made me smile. It’s fun and definitely showy; an absolute standout. Certainly a conversation piece, and a comfy one at that. It has the look of a piece that has been handed down a few generations as a treasure. From Haute House it has embroidered accent fabric on top of a neutral mossy green.
Hope it makes you smile!




My two sisters and I have always been very close. No matter what struggles or challenges we faced, whether individually or as a family, when the dust settled we remained tightly knit. The only thing that ever separated us was geographical distance.

Five years ago the eldest of the three came up with a way to keep us all near even when miles away: we would have matching rings. She chose a white gold pave’ flower. Afterward, we decided that every five years, we would all take turns choosing a new ring. It is now my turn.

What to choose?!? Well, it would have to be something each of us would love, luxe but not break the bank, and in some way symbolic of our relationship. Also, I wanted it to be something that would go with whatever the season and the outfit. In short, something with a timeless feel. It had to be, as it is intended to be worn everyday. After weeks of scouring here are a few of the considerations.


This is 14 carat gold with white, brown, and black diamonds to symbolize each of us three sisters. Classic and can be worn with anything.


This 14 carat white, rose, and yellow gold diamond ring looks like three separate rings, but is actually one. Each color of gold representing a sister.

Fall is here! Just like leaves get to change their colors, so we get to change our wardrobes to the cozy, warm, rich colors of fall. Autumn brings with it cool, crisp air, the smell of wood burning fires, and leaf peeping. In all of this sometimes we forget that even though the sunlight may not seem as strong as in summer we still need to protect our eyes. Looking over the offerings of this season, I have fallen I love with Dolce and Gabbana’s Baroque line of sunglasses and eyewear. The luxe gold accents are perfect to pair with all those rich fall colors we love. Don’t forget to luxe your eyes!




My man and I attended a dinner party at the new home of one of his colleagues recently. It was such a lovely day that the guests spent most of the party outdoors on the deck. It was there that I fell in love. Not with my man, I’ve been in love with him for a while now. No, it was with an item off in a corner of the deck: a glass filled, propane fired, marble surrounded fire table. I had seen similar items, but this one filled me with envy.
I inquired about it and soon the whole party was gathered round. As it was getting later on in the evening and the sun was going down, our hosts gladly fired it up. The temperature had dropped and we all sat around enjoying its welcome warmth and beautiful, gentle flames that sparkled in the glass. It was a wonderful evening of cozy conversation.

Fall is here. How luxurious would it be to sit around the fire snuggling with your sweetie or hanging out and laughing with family and friends? Now, just because I fell in love with this particular fire table doesn’t mean I have to have that particular fire table. Yes, it is gorgeous, but after thinking about it, the real luxury is that it effortlessly extends your time outside under the stars enjoying life with loved ones and friends. So, I can make do with a lesser model or even a DIY version.

I invite anyone with a DIY to add a trackback because this luxe is worth having!


The picture of this fire table is from Oriflamme and is nearly identical to the one we enjoyed!

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