The old adage is true. Sometimes it is the simplest and most little of things that can be the most luxurious. For today’s Luxe I give you the long, hot bath.

Stepping into the water and letting it ease up tight muscles that have been longing for some pampering all week. Away from the noise of life (if you’ve got kids, you will probably need earplugs and a locked door), you can let yourself breathe, clear your mind, and let yourself finally let go of the day’s worries and stress.

I love to add lavender to my bath and light candles, and sometimes quiet reflective music. I even enjoy creating special instrumental mixes that help focus the stages of relaxation. But here it is all up to you; add what makes you feel the most relaxed.

Hmmm…I just realized there is another Luxe thing that goes into a bath…time.