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One of my careers was as a Wardrober to busy working women and even a few celebrities. What is a Wardrober or wardrobing? It is putting together an entire season’s clothing wardrobe. It is coordinating the entire wardrobe to be interchangeable, cohesive, stylish, and to get the maximum use by purchasing quality pieces that will become staples in the closet for years to come.

Most of my clients had to be ready to travel at a moments notice and not have to worry about what to pack. If done correctly, the client could chose pieces relevant to the trip (leisure or business) and know that what was chosen would all coordinate, thus taking all the fuss out of the packing process.

Wardrobing is great for any budget, but it is actually the most useful to the woman with a lower budget. By carefully choosing a wardrobe, she is able to avoid buying pieces that end up hardly being worn and thereby taking up money that could have been spent on something else. It is cost efficient. It can even allow her to splurge on a few very desired items, like a designer accessory.

How do you do all this and still end up with a beautiful, stylish, and yes, even fun wardrobe? Come back tomorrow for all the details, tips and tricks!



This Burberry Color Block high waisted dress is of compact crepe and stretch knit. The high neck is perfect to pair with a bold statement necklace. The black and brown two tone is fab for a fall through winter wardrobe. The accessories possibilities are endless! This is going into my wardrobe.

Join me for tomorrow’s feature: wardrobing! Want to know what that is? Then come back and see!


The past few seasons we have seen a return of baroque in the feel and elements of fashion. Many couture designers inspired by the historical period have re-interpreted the period and its rich gold with deep jewel tones, brocades and floral motifs in their lines. Darker and heavier than the light, airy Rococo which followed it, Baroque is perfect for fall.

Here are a few of my favorite women’s designer baroque accessories. Added to any outfit they would give you instant on trend designer look. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some versions under $250.

Fall is here! Just like leaves get to change their colors, so we get to change our wardrobes to the cozy, warm, rich colors of fall. Autumn brings with it cool, crisp air, the smell of wood burning fires, and leaf peeping. In all of this sometimes we forget that even though the sunlight may not seem as strong as in summer we still need to protect our eyes. Looking over the offerings of this season, I have fallen I love with Dolce and Gabbana’s Baroque line of sunglasses and eyewear. The luxe gold accents are perfect to pair with all those rich fall colors we love. Don’t forget to luxe your eyes!




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