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A peacock and it’s feathers, such a show off! This colorful chair caught my eye and made me smile. It’s fun and definitely showy; an absolute standout. Certainly a conversation piece, and a comfy one at that. It has the look of a piece that has been handed down a few generations as a treasure. From Haute House it has embroidered accent fabric on top of a neutral mossy green.
Hope it makes you smile!





The Renwich Crystal Sphere. ┬áThis hanging pendant light from Aerin ┬áhas me lusting for this luxe. It makes a huge statement that would go well with any decor. I will look for a similar, lower priced version, but if you want to invest in one luxe item for a room…this could be it! The hardest part would then be to choose which finish, gold or silver!

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0fefbf4eb80224c13630762fb344c59eI love luxe. What is luxe? Luxe is luxurious, elegance, sumptuousness, and beauty. I love it in all it’s forms: interior design, architecture, fashion, jewelry, art…you name it. If it can be seen, touched or worn I love it beautiful. I don’t know whether it is that I am a Taurus or an artist, or both. But I love beautiful things.

It may have all started when I was a child…an artistic child at that. My uncle was an architect who built custom luxury homes. Every weekend he would go to the building site or to see another architect’s work. He would try to get some of his own children to go with him, but they hated it. I, on the other hand, would beg to go. So, there I was as a five year old going along with my uncle to see beautiful homes in various stages of completion. My favorite was visiting the model homes. Interior designers were hired by architects to furnish the model homes to display them to potential buyers. For many years I did this, and as I would, I began to both critique and take careful note of what I thought looked good and why.

So here I am today, having done much design work both for others and myself. I have learned how to shop and to do DIY to get the luxe looks that I love. This forum is an extension of my love of luxe and sharing it with you. You don’t need a huge bank account, just a good eye, mad shopping skills and sometimes some elbow grease. With these things, you can Luxe Your Life!

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