Growing up in my house as a kid, Sunday afternoons were all about rest and relaxation…for my mom. She had a highly stressful job in addition to being the mother of four children. So come Sunday, that also meant rest and relaxation for us kiddos. We had to either go outside and play, or find quiet activities indoors, ones that would promote peace amongst each other so there would be no outbreaks of sibling fighting i.e. no noise. That pretty much left two activities: putting puzzles together and watching old movies. Why old movies? Because we would fight over what to watch, so my mother came up with the rule that any tv on Sunday had to be old movies. That rule also ensured that the movie would be to her liking thereby creating an activity for the whole family. So here’s what it looked like in my house on Sundays. Homemade popcorn on the stove or a jumbo bag of sunflower seeds in their shells, puzzles (500-1000 pieces), and old movies. The thing is, not one of us kids complained, not a one; we loved it. So much so that we preferred to stay indoors on Sundays. So is it any wonder that my idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon is old movies and popcorn? In a world always on the go and that encourages us to always do more, to be able to spend my Sunday that way is pure luxury. What is your favorite way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon?