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As I promised yesterday, here are just a few women’s baroque accessories that are readily available online. I am sure you will find much more on your own shopping excursions. I’d love to know what you find!



The past few seasons we have seen a return of baroque in the feel and elements of fashion. Many couture designers inspired by the historical period have re-interpreted the period and its rich gold with deep jewel tones, brocades and floral motifs in their lines. Darker and heavier than the light, airy Rococo which followed it, Baroque is perfect for fall.

Here are a few of my favorite women’s designer baroque accessories. Added to any outfit they would give you instant on trend designer look. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some versions under $250.

My two sisters and I have always been very close. No matter what struggles or challenges we faced, whether individually or as a family, when the dust settled we remained tightly knit. The only thing that ever separated us was geographical distance.

Five years ago the eldest of the three came up with a way to keep us all near even when miles away: we would have matching rings. She chose a white gold pave’ flower. Afterward, we decided that every five years, we would all take turns choosing a new ring. It is now my turn.

What to choose?!? Well, it would have to be something each of us would love, luxe but not break the bank, and in some way symbolic of our relationship. Also, I wanted it to be something that would go with whatever the season and the outfit. In short, something with a timeless feel. It had to be, as it is intended to be worn everyday. After weeks of scouring here are a few of the considerations.


This is 14 carat gold with white, brown, and black diamonds to symbolize each of us three sisters. Classic and can be worn with anything.


This 14 carat white, rose, and yellow gold diamond ring looks like three separate rings, but is actually one. Each color of gold representing a sister.

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