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The past few seasons we have seen a return of baroque in the feel and elements of fashion. Many couture designers inspired by the historical period have re-interpreted the period and its rich gold with deep jewel tones, brocades and floral motifs in their lines. Darker and heavier than the light, airy Rococo which followed it, Baroque is perfect for fall.

Here are a few of my favorite women’s designer baroque accessories. Added to any outfit they would give you instant on trend designer look. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some versions under $250.


The Renwich Crystal Sphere. ┬áThis hanging pendant light from Aerin ┬áhas me lusting for this luxe. It makes a huge statement that would go well with any decor. I will look for a similar, lower priced version, but if you want to invest in one luxe item for a room…this could be it! The hardest part would then be to choose which finish, gold or silver!

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