My man and I attended a dinner party at the new home of one of his colleagues recently. It was such a lovely day that the guests spent most of the party outdoors on the deck. It was there that I fell in love. Not with my man, I’ve been in love with him for a while now. No, it was with an item off in a corner of the deck: a glass filled, propane fired, marble surrounded fire table. I had seen similar items, but this one filled me with envy.
I inquired about it and soon the whole party was gathered round. As it was getting later on in the evening and the sun was going down, our hosts gladly fired it up. The temperature had dropped and we all sat around enjoying its welcome warmth and beautiful, gentle flames that sparkled in the glass. It was a wonderful evening of cozy conversation.

Fall is here. How luxurious would it be to sit around the fire snuggling with your sweetie or hanging out and laughing with family and friends? Now, just because I fell in love with this particular fire table doesn’t mean I have to have that particular fire table. Yes, it is gorgeous, but after thinking about it, the real luxury is that it effortlessly extends your time outside under the stars enjoying life with loved ones and friends. So, I can make do with a lesser model or even a DIY version.

I invite anyone with a DIY to add a trackback because this luxe is worth having!


The picture of this fire table is from Oriflamme and is nearly identical to the one we enjoyed!